Maybe not 1 of the 7 Wonders, but Definitely a Site To Remember

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Tagline, strapline, slogan? Whatever you choose to call it, it’s all the same. It’s the key phrase that identifies your business by capturing the essence of three elements:

  • Your mission
  • Your promise
  • Your brand

Coming up with a great tagline is a struggle many people face. More often than not, they get it wrong by focusing on what their product or service is and neglecting what it offers.

To capture a reader’s eye at a glance, you need to combine all three elements of mission, promise and brand to create a great tagline that really works.

Sites To Remember manipulates the art of Tagline and Branding. Many times, we have been able to incorporate the Tagline/ Mission statement in the domain itself (ie: Pronoun, action verb, play on words, double entendre):,,,,,,,

Sometimes the Tagline is added to the company, logo, business card, flyer, & reinforces the branding

  • When you see my Art, you see my Soul (
  • It's a good start to start with Wanda (
  • Not only do we mean Business, we mean E-business
  • For a Grocery store: Fresh ... By Nature
  • for a court reporter, and the Tagline: "WhateverYouSay"