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There is more to lighting than meets the eye

Les Kacev is passionate about lighting education, measurement and the quality of light. He has run seminars, workshops and webinars for utilities, associations, universities, LED manufacturers, vendors, distributors, and conferences. A few examples follow

The human eye is truly our window to the world. Not only does it contain rods and cones which stimulate our vision, but it has recently been discovered that the eye contains a variety of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells known as ipRGC which are involved in non-visual functions. Light and light quality play an immensely important role in stimulation of ipRGCs and in so doing determine our mood, sleep patterns, productivity, health and  general wellbeing. Light exposure plays an important part in our mental health.

Not only does light [natural and artificial] affect humans, but its impact on fauna and flora is only now being appreciated. Its influence on mammals, birds, bats, insects, fish and plant life has opened up a new branch of science.

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The output from professional spectrometer/sphere systems is generally incomprehensible to all but lighting engineers. Together with a colleague, Les designed a software program which extracted the key parameters and presented them graphically in color on a single page making the results understandable to decision makers, non-technical executives and the military. defense

Les designed a program for educating staff on LED technology, light quality, thermal management and quality control for the US staff of a large Chinese manufacturer. Was also retained to troubleshoot issues with a range of new miniature, line replaceable products and improve thermal management and component quality.

Developed a program for sales staff and distributors of a niche market European lighting conglomerate focusing on understanding mono and color changing applications.


Redesigned a range of security lights for school and university campuses to reproduce colors accurately so that suspects could be better identified. Cameras, monitors and lights had to be calibrated and matched so if a rape suspect was described as wearing a red T-shirt, that this could be seen wherever security officials were monitoring campus activity. Developed techniques to explain that the more sensitive the camera, the more illumination is needed to achieve a clear picture.

security lighting security lighting


Worked with a US manufacturer of niche market, high quality luminaires to spec and design lighting for jewelry stores, museums, galleries and collectors of fine art. For jewelry, the lights had to produce fire and sparkle in diamonds. For art and photography, lights needed to reproduce colors accurately and minimize damage to materials and media to assist in the “preservation versus presentation” phenomenon. Range was 5 years ahead of competitors.

art light

Assisted a spectrometer manufacturer to specify and modify its software to meet the requirements of lighting professionals in design, quality control, selection, light quality and sales arenas.



Together with a colleague, designed drivers and dimmers for a US based lighting company which manufactures both locally and in the Far East.

Have worked with several property developers who switched to LEDs and were unhappy with the results. Blame was put on LEDs when in fact the problem was poorly designed projects.

Consulted with a high quality troffer designer on LED selection, reflector and diffuser materials to optimize light throughput and minimize “in fixture” losses.

Developed the entire lighting program including product range, educational programs, quality control procedures and product selection criteria for one of the first Indian companies to enter the “green technology” field.