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There is more to lighting than meets the eye

Les Kacev is passionate about lighting education, measurement and the quality of light. He has run seminars, workshops and webinars for utilities, associations, universities, LED manufacturers, vendors, distributors, and conferences. A few examples follow

The human eye is truly our window to the world. Not only does it contain rods and cones which stimulate our vision, but it has recently been discovered that the eye contains a variety of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells known as ipRGC which are involved in non-visual functions. Light and light quality play an immensely important role in stimulation of ipRGCs and in so doing determine our mood, sleep patterns, productivity, health and  general wellbeing. Light exposure plays an important part in our mental health.

Not only does light [natural and artificial] affect humans, but its impact on fauna and flora is only now being appreciated. Its influence on mammals, birds, bats, insects, fish and plant life has opened up a new branch of science.

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LEDmetric/Elkays has been involved in cutting edge electronics since 1973. Initially the company was focused in consumer electronics. With the advent of TV in South Africa LEDmetric/Elkays manufactured and marketed small TV transponders and dominated the market in fringe area antennae.
In 1984, LEDmetric/Elkays opened a US office and concentrated on R&D. It developed several patented products including the Keyfinder for locating commonly misplaced items [which won the most innovative product award at the 1985 CES in Las Vegas], a proximity device for warning parents when kids drifted away, and an alarm to protect children from dangerous/poisonous substances.
After Shuji Nakamura developed the blue LED, LEDmetric/Elkays focused on this cutting edge technology and was part of the team that developed the first LED lighting for the jewelry trade. In 2006 LEDmetric/Elkays  introduced an LED luminaire for museums and galleries with perfect color rendering. This product has application for cosmetology, retail, high fashion, medical, machine vision and tattoo markets.
With this experience in color quality, LEDmetric/Elkays developed a software program to present key parameters from lighting laboratories on a single page allowing lighting professionals the ability to rapidly analyze and compare different lamps and luminaires making rational selections to meet project objectives. With the development of affordable hand held devices, LEDmetric/Elkays lent its expertise and involved itself in refining the software for the Lighting Passport hand-held, smart phone powered spectrometer. This is an exciting and ongoing project, with LEDmetric/Elkays being part of the team responsible for software development and marketing.