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There is more to lighting than meets the eye

Les Kacev is passionate about lighting education, measurement and the quality of light. He has run seminars, workshops and webinars for utilities, associations, universities, LED manufacturers, vendors, distributors, and conferences. A few examples follow

The human eye is truly our window to the world. Not only does it contain rods and cones which stimulate our vision, but it has recently been discovered that the eye contains a variety of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells known as ipRGC which are involved in non-visual functions. Light and light quality play an immensely important role in stimulation of ipRGCs and in so doing determine our mood, sleep patterns, productivity, health and  general wellbeing. Light exposure plays an important part in our mental health.

Not only does light [natural and artificial] affect humans, but its impact on fauna and flora is only now being appreciated. Its influence on mammals, birds, bats, insects, fish and plant life has opened up a new branch of science.

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  • LEDmetric/Elkays has established contact with many manufacturers and distributors of lighting products. In so doing, they can take a "best of class" approach in offering solid state lighting to clients who do not have the expertise to determine which vendor offers the best solution for particular projects. LEDmetric/Elkays is not a lighting designer, but can work with designers and clients to create optimum selections.
  • Remote phosphor technology has enabled LED lamps to be produced using multiple lower wattage LEDs allowing for less elaborate thermal management systems with enhanced longevity at considerable weight savings. LEDmetric/Elkays has a source of most common lamps in this configuration. These are used mainly in the residential, retail and commercial markets. LEDmetric/Elkays is a great resource for property developers and managers.
remote phosphor
  • Troffers are a mainstay in the municipal, school, university and hospital markets. LEDmetric/Elkays has a source for high quality, US manufactured troffers which have very even light distribution patterns and high luminosity. These have application in commercial and industrial markets as well.
  • LEDmetric/Elkays can assist museums, galleries and collectors in selecting appropriate lighting which renders colors well and reduces damage to media and materials.
  • Lighting is critical in the art restoration business. LEDmetric/Elkays can suggest solutions for restoration companies and institutions which repair and restore art and other fugitive historical objects.
  • Machine vision requires very sophisticated lighting systems specially to recognize surface irregularities. LEDmetric/Elkays can recommend solutions for this industry.
machine vision


  • Color rendering is essential in the retail high fashion markets. Vibrant colors should “pop” indoors in much the same way as they do outdoors in natural daylight. Because of the wonders of the human eye, this is not as simple as cloning the color temperature of the sun. Many other parameters need to be considered.
color LEDmetric/Elkays can assist with lighting in many color critical or matching applications from paint selection, dye applications, printing, gicle, scanning amongst others.
As with fashion, cosmetologists and tattoo artists require high quality light to ply their trade. Not only is quality of light important, but also the transference of forward heat. LEDmetric/Elkays has expertise in this field. tatoo
Security lighting is a fascinating field where camera and light selection go hand in hand. Spectra and fields of view need to be aligned. Color rendering needs to be determined. A choice needs to be made between visible and infrared lighting. And camera resolution largely determines light intensity – the more sensitive the camera the more light is needed. LEDmetric/Elkays has the expertise to assist in these selections. security
LEDmetric/Elkays can assist jewelers to get fire and sparkle in diamonds and other stones/precious metals. jeweler


medical Medical lights can be very technical. Dermatologists require surface clarity to study skin blemishes. Surgeons need to observe blood and deep cavities to check for blood oxygen and ensure that their handiwork is precise. LEDmetric/Elkays can supply appropriate luminaires for medical applications.